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A Discussion of “11 Reasons to Carry a Large Mortgage”

Many of you may know Ric Edelman who is a very high profile and highly published financial advisor.  Years ago he wrote an article that drew a lot of attention titled 11 Reasons to Carry a Large Mortgage.  Many praised it, many criticized it but he brought up a lot of interesting points.   Now, Todd Ballenger has written an update to this article and it is presented here in this ebook.  Each point is discussed and dissected.  Some points he and I agree with and some we do not.  You can download the book below and I would love your feedback. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. /* FORM STYLES */

A True Safety Net for Retirement

There is concern in the world now about rates of returns, portfolio performance and for those in or near retirement cash flow combined with outliving your money in retirement. My guess is you have had more of these conversations in the first half of 2022 than maybe the year or years before, possibly even a decade. So what is the plan? How will you create a road map that they can follow and still enjoy their Golden Years? This is a discussion I have been having with my clients as well and of course I deliver advice for the other side of the balance sheet but the message is still similar. How can we create that safety net and help our clients with

Is a Mortgage Getting in the Way of Retirement?

This is a critical question and a perceived roadblock that many face as they approach the magical transition time we call retirement. I believe Covid may have changed many folks’ vision of retirement as well. So I am curious, what goes into your discussion with your clients and their families on Retirement related to real estate and mortgage? Is a mortgage getting in the way of someone retiring or putting them behind schedule for this magical date? How does Real Estate planning fit into Retirement planning? Because of the many conversations I have about this, for each of my clients I like to have a heart-to-heart consultation at least five years from retirement on their plans and how real estate fits into