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The Third Side of Your Client’s Balance Sheet

//The Third Side of Your Client’s Balance Sheet

The Holidays are upon us and I hope you enjoy this time of year like I do. I would imagine you are preparing for year-end reviews with your clients and tax questions from your clients as I am.

One of main points of discussion I have with my clients in our Annual Reviews is what their “Portfolio” looks like as far as asset classes and from there what are their plans in 2022 in managing the Real Estate Asset Class.

Check out this chart below, the House as an asset is equal to Equities in America and that may come as somewhat of a surprise. This is why I call it the Third Side of the Balance Sheet.It is very large but not often discussed.

Most households manage the equity section of their portfolio quite actively (maybe too actively, right?) but what are you and they doing to manage the House asset class? Are you protecting the equity with a home equity line of credit in case of emergency?

Are you helping to manage the cash flow of the household with smart amortization strategies? Are you even discussing this often times overweighted asset class at all? I can help with this as that is what I focus on every day.

From here, we move to the Liability Side of America’s Balance Sheet and the Mortgage is by far the largest. Again, what are the Liability Strategies in place? Does it make sense to change the amortization to feed more investing in the Equity side of the Asset Class?

These questions and strategies are why I wrote a book on this whole topic specifically for Advisors. You can download it for FREE at WWW.SANDIGEOLENDING.US/ADVISORBOOK

Let’s schedule a 30-minute Zoom call to discuss how Effectively Managing the Third Side of the Balance Sheet can lead to Protecting and Growing the Assets for your clients.

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